“Let Me Show You Step-By-Step, How I Bank Over £6,000 A Week, Without A Job And, How You Can Do It Too”





Dear Friend,

I hope you have a strong stomach.

Because in the next 3 minutes you’re going to see something that may really upset you, it might even  piss you off a little…

It may even make you want to leave this page and never come back…

But I’ll make you a promise right now – give me a few minutes of your time, hear me out…

I guarantee you’ll be glad you did.

Because by the time you’ve read this page you’ll understand the incredibly simple steps I’ve used to generate a minimum of £6,279 in extra income every single week.

I have no idea if we’ve ever met, but I do know these things about you.

  1. You’re frustrated because you’re not making the kind of money you know you deserve.  You’re working too hard, too long, and with little financial return.
  2. You’re sick and tired of wasting time and money on schemes that simply don’t work.

If like most people you would like a whole lot more from life, and would jump at the chance to make a lot of money and very quickly – this may well be the most exciting message you will ever read!

You can bank a small fortune every day by ‘working’ for only 2 or 3 very pleasant hours, maybe starting around 10 o’clock and finishing by lunchtime. You can because I am doing this right now.

My name is David, I’m in my early, well, mid-forties and now bank more money in one month than most people make a year!Ask anyone that knows me. I don’t have any special talents or skills and am certainly no big-headed big-shot either – just an average ‘Mr. Ordinary’ type of guy, divorced (don’t ask) with four young children, certainly no ‘high powered sales type’ and not one to stand out in a crowd. However, life wasn’t always like it is right now:-

It started recently whilst spending a late, and frankly, drunken evening with a friend – who went on to tell me a very simple and very specific way to make amazing amounts of money exceptionally quickly. In a nutshell his secret was to send out a postal letter containing some quite unique information.

My friend told me, in stunning detail, exactly how he was able to do this by following what were

basically a few simple and straightforward tasks at home that even a child could understand!

At the time he was making fortunes – I mean this guy was seriously loaded! He went on to explain he was now heartily fed-up of British climate and planned to retire from this country altogether, free to live the dream life in a beautiful resort in southern Spain – and when that day came the ‘postal letter’ could become my very own.

And if all this sound a bit ‘pie in the sky’ so far,
please bear with me, it will be well worth it!

Let me tell you my brain felt like it was going to explode!! Because having got started, thanks to the amazing ‘postal letter’ I soon found myself banking more than £6,000 every week. In the last 7 days I’ve banked £6,920 from home. Can you imagine how that must feel?

You know it’s funny, my stressed-out Accountant, in his posh suit and tie, earns less than half this kind of money AND has the hassle of employing numerous staff to do it! So here’s where you can be in the right place at the right time. Now I can show YOU, how by working smart but not hard, you can do it too…and the remarkable ‘postal cash’ system is just about as smart as you can get!


So Why Am I telling You About This..?

Well you see, originally I’d decided there was absolutely no-way and no reason for me to share these secrets with anyone, or at least not on a large scale. It’s been a bit of a struggle I can tell you but now I’ve worked out a way forward that can suite us all. Briefly, because by showing a small number of people, such as yourself, how to achieve similar or even greater earnings than I enjoy now (working a half-hearted 3 hours a day remember) we can all profit and – my own income cannot in any way be affected by the money you will make!

And in case you were wondering, this idea does Not involve MLM, gambling, internet schemes, email schemes, lotteries, dvd’s, ex-rental goods, joint venturing, product developing, door-knocking, market trading, pornography, scams, cons or anything of a dubious nature.

Should you wish to join me you will find that

You will WORK from home
There is NOTHING complex to do
There is almost NO LIMIT to your earnings

You can decide your own income; I’ll help you do this, which is why I’m looking for like-minded people who wish to make an exceptional income the easy way. In only the first proper year of (so called) ‘working’ part-time at home I banked over £400,000 and that’s a fact. I honestly don’t see why just about ANYONE can’t do the same!

The ‘postal cash’ system will give you a whole host
of down to earth benefits, so you too can join the select
few who have found that:-

  • You can work from the comfort of your home
  • You can do as much as you like, or as little as you like- whenever you want to
  • No premises, no overheads, no staff needed
  • No machinery or complicated equipment required
  • No skills or experience needed to bring in a truly mind blowing income
  • You will have total freedom to go on holiday or take a break whenever you like
  • This system is just as successful for the single mum at home, as for an employed professional person looking for a substantial extra income

Imagine the real thrill of being able to earn as much hard cash as you like, spend money on your home, buy whatever new car you want to drive and not care one jot about running costs!

One thing is for sure, my system won’t tie you down. It’s designed to give you freedom to live the way YOU want to live and an extraordinary stress-free income with plenty of time for yourself and your family. Yes, all this really can happen – and that’s a straight down the line copper-bottomed fact.

Is it possible to become a millionaire simply from mailing the ‘postal letter’

Yes it certainly is. If you worked hard! But let’s say you don’t need or want that much, but instead just ran this system at the right level to bring in an extra £300 or £400 a week- wouldn’t even that be great if it makes you happy?


So not only will you discover how to make money without any salesmanship, traveling to work, or having to please a miserable boss… You’ll soon begin to realize you have created your very own money-making machine that pumps out income for you exactly when you want it to.

Day and night it’ll be working for you – ask the few people who have this secret already, it’s a truly amazing feeling!

The nicest thing about this system is that you can start small. Just post the postal letter I will supply and spend the rest of your day enjoying yourself. Think about how my postal cash system will change your life. You’ll finally be able to buy the expensive things you’ve always dreamed about:-

Only this wouldn’t be a dream, it would be reality

If you sit back and do nothing your situation can only stay the same. Doing nothing only guarantees no escape from the soul destroying day-to-day drudge of being a ‘wage slave’ or even worse, Unemployed and broke. I’m looking forward to a long term working relationship and a profitable one for us both.  I still remember how I never felt like going to the pub with my mates because I couldn’t afford to buy a round, always having to take buses or free rides everywhere because my car couldn’t get through the M.O.T –just existing, scraping by, it’s no fun!

“Did you know that 83% of people are on or near the
poverty line when they reach retirement?”

(Source: Office of National Statistics)

It makes for grim reading doesn’t it? Most normal decent folks have such a hard time of it just to get a little ahead of their bills and to enjoy a few luxuries.

But you don’t have to settle for second best

Picture this: Tomorrow morning, rather than fighting rush-hour traffic to get to work, you roll out of bed without the need for an alarm clock. After a leisurely breakfast you stroll to your home office and open up your morning post. Count-up the huge pile of cheques and cash that have landed on your doormat as a result of the ‘postal letter’ and plan just what you’d like to do with the rest of your day…

Nope, this isn’t fantasy

It’s your new reality and a very happy and successful one it is too!

Let’s be frank, compared to what most people do to earn a living, this is a very simple and stress-free life that pays exceptionally well

Not only can the postal cash system give your dream working day but is
also perfect for:-

  • People without a job
  • Anyone who needs a decent second income
  • An ‘insurance’ against being made redundant
  • Retired people and those living on a fixed income
  • Anyone who cannot go to work 9-5
  • Anyone who does not wish to work 9-5
  • Anyone who wants a full-time income for a few hours work
  • Anyone who would like to significantly like to increase their standard of living

And there’s lots more to tell, because you’ll soon discover exactly how the tried and tested postal cash system has been lifted even higher than ever before and now gives you such dynamic information as:-


  • The ‘M’ method that nets over £20,000 in money for you (but can be used no-more than twice a year) 
  • The ‘Key System’ that grabs you £1,000+ for one days work!
  • Where you can get the trade type cardboard boxes you’ll need to Store all the money that will pour through your letterbox each day
  • How to gain access to a secret website that can earn you up to £620. Yes, six hundred and twenty pounds, every time – and not even a Computer needed!
  • How an ex-delivery driver from Birmingham went from a 2nd hand Mini to a
    Stunning convertible Mercedes in 12 months flat!
  • How a single mum from Staffordshire brought herself back from the brink 
    after discovering the earning power of the ‘postal letter’
  • How two brothers from Yorkshire pulled-in so many cheques all at once they had to weigh them to guess how many £1,000’s they’d made!
  • How a certain self-confessed lazy middle aged guy spends only one hour a day using the postal cash system and still makes more money than his miserable old boss
  • How a Part-time nurse used her shockingly hish profits to buy her own dream home
  • How one grateful guy from surrey gave over £30,000 away to buy his local community a brand new ambulance
  • How an introverted only child discovered that by mailing his ‘postal letter’ on a certain day made him 30% more profits

Like I said at the start of my letter to you, although we’ve probably never met, I can guess that you’d really love to earn the kind of income that sending for my system would give you.

Wouldn’t you…? So what’s stopping you?

Truth is, the only thing stopping you is your own doubt.

Admit it. You’re asking yourself things like…

  1. Will this system really work?
  2. Will this system really work for me?
  3. Should I trust this guy about what he’s telling me?

If I showed you other people, just like you,
Who are doing exactly what you want to do…
Would you at least believe it is possible for you?

Mark Leyton – San Diego

“David – You’ve really overdelivered here bro!You’ve made it SO simple for even the newest of

entrepreneurs to start making a killing with Direct mail. Not only that – your strategies will definitely help

even the most experienced marketers because they produce such great results. Anyone looking at this should grab it right now without hesitation

– Great job dude”

Debra bibio – Chatham, Kent

“I did not believe i could print my own money from home. It really did sound a bit “pie in the sky” but i went

with blind faith.  My first week i had 8 people send me

£25 each in the mail, how  crazy is that. Thank you so much david for giving me this system i am

now  making these kind of numbers everyday, I now see how the whole thing works.
– God Bless You.”

Jessica Thompson – Surrey, UK

“I am now able to make good money from my dorm room at uni  and concentrate on my studies as well. I almost did not go for  this special letter system, it was too expensive for me but i  managed to borrowed from my mates to get in on this and boy am i glad i did  – thank you. You know i only work 1 day a week and get everything out by  the end of day. All my cash flows in the following week, it’s like clock work. – Cheers David”

Justin sheepmore – Manchester, England

“This really is a business in a box and the best i have ever seen it teaches you a lot about business and making money which is great for beginners like me and shortens the learning curve because everything you need to know is in the material”

Okay, think about it. We have the huge mess that is BREXIT,
we have the Russians possibly cutting off Europe’s supply
of oil and leaving us high and dry… and do you know what?

It matters not what your politics are about these types of situation:

They all have one thing in common. It’s always the
average mug in the street that suffers – never the rich!
You NEED the ‘postal cash’ system if you sincerely want to make
Some serious money and live good.

It’s that simple

You’ll find everything so easy to do as I’ll provide you with full and straightforward step-by-step

instructions. That’s my part of the deal. Yet the result you see will be dramatic and immediate. And

no, in case your wondering, this system is not something you’ve ever seen before.

Therefore, I’ll make this deal easy to swallow as

Possible, just to get you to try it, so I’ll give you:


You’re probably skeptical. This is quite natural and simply shows you have a good business sense. But Allow me to ask one question. As everything I’ve said here is 100% true and proven, if you were to let the opportunity to earn as much as thousands of £££££££’s every week from my ‘postal cash’ system; if you were to let that chance slip through your fingers – wouldn’t that be the most tragic thing to ever happen to you?


There’s really no reason for you to miss-out on this as I offer a cast-iron 100% money-back guarantee so you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. There are no ifs, buts or maybes whatsoever! And what’s more, this guarantee lasts for a full 12 Months.

My ‘postal letter’ and 2 part operations manual explain everything you will need to know, leaving you nothing to work-out for yourself. You’ll soon see how it’s easily possible to be banking more money in one day than most people work all week for!

Think about it

Where will you be a year from now? Will you still be struggling to make ends meet, or will you be making pots of money with a huge smile on your face?

Surely you’ll agree the extra cash is worth missing-out a few hours of T.V! (then again, you can use this system in front of the T.V)

Do you know that most people live a life where they’re little more than ‘extras’ in their own movie? Don’t be put off by the skeptics who never achieve anything – that’s why each and every one of them are broke!

So you’re going to give this a go?

That’s great! Because I’m convinced you’re going to make one hell of a lot of money. Now human nature being what it is, you’ll of course want to get on and earn money for yourself as soon as possible. But please be aware, friends and relatives will wonder where your new good fortune is coming from! So before your request can be accepted I require that you sign the

Secrecy Declaration

Without which your application cannot go through. I need to protect the interests of everyone,

yourself included, as best as possible because some of the information that will be revealed to

you could easily be misused.

And further to show my commitment to your success you’ll have your very own:-


You see you don’t need to speak to me or to anyone to operate this simple system as effectively as I do now. You really don’t. But you’ll have the reassurance of having my telephone advice number and personal help and assistance on hand as all this and a whole lot more is included.

If you want to send me mail, then you can email me at ‘’ anytime with any queries you may have, or just let me know how great you’re getting-on. I’d love to hear from you! You really need to see for yourself the simple but stunning effectiveness of the postal cash system and this is the best way to show my commitment to your success.

With my very best wishes and hopes for your future.

Best wishes,



P.S. I have strictly limited the amount of places available to the first 100 applicants only.

Your reservation will have to be taken-up unless you confirm your place soon, so act quickly and take advantage of this exclusive ‘100 And No-More’ offer!! you can be up and running and making excellent money in a very short time indeed. And remember, your success will be easier with my help if you need it because I want you to succeed

P.P.S. You’re probably wondering “where are the bonuses”? Look, this system is extremely

valuable on its own. You shouldn’t need bribing with add-ons and stupid freebies just to get you

to send for your pack. The earning potential of the ‘postal cash system’ is so huge, so simple,

you don’t need anything else!


P.P.P.S. Let’s be blunt: If you miss-out on this offer, will you be on your way to being

wealthy one week from today? Probably not!

You’ll still wish it. You’ll still want it. But you won’t be making the money.

Remember you have a Guarantee that lasts for one whole year.

Go for it now!!


Yes, Rush to me your 2 part starter pack complete with full instructions on the basis I may ask for further guidance and assistance if needed. I further understand that i also enjoy the reassurance of a whole 12 Months Guarantee and I am free to operate this system in my own time, at my own pace and without limitations.

  • How much is this Package? £29.99 – limited to first 100 applicants.
  • How can I order? Just click below and pay securely online through PayPal.
  • When will I receive my pack? It will be sent automatically to you seconds after payment as 2 PDF ebooks, which can be opened easily. Also includes a user name and password to access the members area and support line.